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Ewan Sheriff – Thru a Lens..

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Many of you will already be familiar with the social media site Squidoo, but for those of you who are not here is a short description as shown on their own site;

Squidoo is the popular publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create “lenses” online. Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that rather everything you know about your topic of interest–and snap it all into focus. Like the lens of a camera, your perspective on something.

Needless to say, Ewan has been as proactive as ever and created his very own ‘Lens’ on the squidoo site, which you can view here.


Get instant updates from Ewan Sheriff

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To receive updates from Ewan on both his career and his personal life the minute they are published, simply follow his Twitter profile here : Ewan Sheriff

Ewan Sheriff is Linked In

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Over 100 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities, it is simple and easy to join yet can be a powerful tool.

To get started, take a look at Ewan Sheriff’s profile.

Ewan Sheriff takes a Tumble..

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If you haven’t heard of  ‘Tumblr’ yet and are at all interested in social media, you are missing out. The site’s functionality lies somewhere between twitter and a regular blog platform. You can very quickly and easily post images, links, and large text blocks giving you the convenience of twitter but with much higher capability.

You can view Ewan’s Tumblr profile here : Ewan Sheriff on Tumblr

MySpace Welcomes Ewan Sheriff

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Ewan Sheriff is now part of one of the largest and best known social media sites on the net – Myspace. you can view Ewan’s profile here : Ewan Sheriff

Real-Time Ewan Sheriff information

Posted in Ewan Sheriff with tags , , on December 1, 2010 by ewansheriff is a real-time search service that looks into nearly every corner of the intenet to retrieve information on people.

Using their proprietary search algorithm, you are able to find comprehensive information about people including images, videos, phone numbers, email addresses, social networking pages and much more.

To see what 123people has discovered about Ewan, take a look here : Ewan Sheriff

Ewan Sheriff can be seen on Tumblr

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You can now visit Ewan Sheriff on micro-blogging site Tumblr. It’s best to think of Tumblr as a half way point between Twitter and a full blow blog such as this one.
It allows you to upload images and submit posts as quickly as Twitter, but using more information etc.

You can view my account here : Ewan Sheriff