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Ewan Sheriff Career Highlights

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Right now, Ewan Sheriff is a highly successful lawyer operating from a fresh home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ewan has accumulated many years commercial expertise in several sectors. Below are a few career highlights for those of you unfamiliar with his background.

Having long held an interest in commercial real estate, Ewan Sheriff made an early career choice to specialize within the area of Commercial Property. He chose to join Semple Fraser in late 1992 due to their concentration of high-profile, cross-border transactions and clientele in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester, UK. For the duration of this period Mr Sheriff was a direct assistant to among the founding Partners, which afforded him exponential encounter within the full life-cycle of Commercial Real Estate transactions, from acquire via to Asset Management and leasing.

Ewan was recruited by Archibald Campbell & Harley of Edinburgh in 1993, and at the age of 28, he made history as this one hundred year old firm’s youngest Partner, known for it’s forward-thinking attitude and it’s expertise and market commentary. Midway through his eight year period at Archibald, Ewan’s professional undertakings became more concentrated on business development whilst continuing to service his investment purchases as well as commercial leasing portfolio. Ewan Sheriff also drafted a full suite of precedents encompassing Commercial Leases, Rent Review Agreements, Licences for Work, Reporting Procedures, Trusts and construction documentation; that continue to be in production.

In 2004, Ewan was recruited as a Partner, to implement a brand new real estate department at Dickson Minto, among the UK’s leading corporate finance and private equity corporations. Throughout his five year career there, Ewan Sheriff created among the best known, high exposure real estate practices in the UK by regularly transacting fantastic high-profile deals, which subsequently quadrupled turnover and team size within 3 years of inception.


A brief history of the legal system in Scotland

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“The legal process found in Scotland has a complicated history which had seen it stem via unique roots, and irrespective of modern alignment with European Law, continues a little of this unique individuality even now. During this brief article Scottish solicitor Ewan Sheriff goes into Scottish Law as well as the path it has undertaken to arrive where it actually is in the present day..”

You can read the whole story of Scots Law here  (link opens in a new window)

The Law Society of Scotland

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The Law Society of Scotland was established in 1949 by the Legal Aid & solicitors (Scotland) Act. Ewan is a ong standing member of the society, who can now be proud of over 15 very successful years practicing in Scotland. The society is the governing body for Scottish solicitors, and also looks out for the interests of the Scottish public in relation to that profession. All solicitors practicing in Scotland are required to be registered with the society, which is currently based in the city of Edinburgh.

You can read a short article about the society here

The Life of Ewan Sheriff

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“Born in Forfar, Scotland in 1968, Ewan Sheriff is a first born child with one younger brother. As a child he grew up in the Scottish towns of Dunfermline, Selkirk and for the main part, Dundee..”

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Mr Sheriff’s client portal

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Ewan’s client facing site not only provides a breif insight into his professional past, but more importantly allows his private clients the opportunity to securely log in and access their project documents 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you have not yet received your account details you can contact Ewan via the usual channels for this information.

You can visit the portal here : Ewan Sheriff Clients

Ewan’s Life and Career Progression

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Read all about not only Ewan’s school days, but the way his career has progressed over the years, including his move from the UK to the Middle East. Here is an extract of an article published recently online;

“..Mr Sheriff holds eighteen years of high-profile experience in the Commercial, Real Estate and Asset Management arenas, with high-exposure firms located in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, respectively. At the end of 2009, having long held an interest in the Middle East and it’s business opportunities, Ewan Sheriff sought to embrace the regions richer and more balanced lifestyle for himself, his wife and his three young children..”

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Legal information for visitors to Dubai

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Around eight hundred thousand visitors travel to Dubai from the UK alone each year to enjoy the ‘paradise on Earth’. What most are ignorant of are the strict and often surprising laws in place in this paradise. Some of you may have heard of the widely publicised case in which an English couple were jailed for ‘openly expressing affection’ on a beach in Dubai, but there have been several other examples.

This article explains more about other examples of foreigners being caught out, and what you can do to help avoid a similar fate.